Our YMCA is a success thanks to people who support it. One way that support is provided is through giving. We could not do what we do without that help. Your contributions are always welcome and you are able to specify what you would like us to do with your dollars from sponsoring a program to providing a scholarship for a child to providing equipment to meet a need.

Reading a letter of gratitude from a single mother who depends on our afterschool child care and received scholarship help to make that happen will warm your heart.

We Make A Difference

In 2009 we provided scholarship assistance to 737 people for memberships and 2,073 people to participate in programs for a total of $122,615 in assistance. That’s a lot of people who could not have taken advantage of the YMCA’s programs and services without your help.

If you are interested in giving to the YMCA through program sponsorship,scholarship assistance or by giving directly to a branch, please contact Shawn Patch at,  or download the YMCA contribution form.


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